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adius GR1225 Repeater

Conversion Kit for GR400/500 Allows you to use the R1225 transceiver to create a 12.5/25 kHz switchable repeater for rack mount or wall mount applications.
Duplexer can be internally installed
to allow a single antenna to be used
instead of two separate antennas to
transmit and receive simultaneously.
Desk Microphone converts a
desktop repeater into a dispatch
radio for office personnel use.
Portable Carry Case allows easy
transport for use as a back-up or
emergency repeater.

Battery Revert
Automatic back-up power allows continued use when power goes down. Also includes float maintenance charger to keep battery charged when not in use.


C100 DeskSet
DC or Tone Remote model allows user to control a remotely located repeater.

Extended Local model provides base station control for dispatch operations.

RapidCall model provides the dispatcher with features such as Push-to-Talk ID, Emergency Alarm Decode, Call Alert, Radio Check and Voice Selective Call.


One of the following controllers can be installed inside the repeater to provide enhanced features:

i20R Onsite Repeater Controller provides up to 10 PL/DPL single code or cross code combinations for multiple group repeater operations, remote knock-down/set-up, uni/bi-directional capabilities and Continuous Wave Identification (CWID).

ZR310 Multiple Tone Community Repeater Controller
provides up to 50 PL and 20 DPL single code or cross code combinations for multiple group repeater operations with Continuous Wave Identification (CWID) and enhanced community repeater operation capabilities.

ZR340 Advanced Interconnect Controller
provides advanced telephone interconnect capability with stored telephone numbers, access/override codes, dialing restrictions, call timers, direct-air access and Continuous Wave Identification (CWID).

i750R Advanced Selective Calling Interconnect Controller
provides revertive PL/DPL/Quik-Call II/MDC-1200 group or individual selective calling and advanced interconnect capabilities.

SmarTrunk II Enhanced Repeater Controller
- Provides trunked repeater functionality, individual selective calling, group calling, all fleet calling, conventional operation and advanced interconnect capabilities. This controller supports up to 4,096 subscribers per system, 4, 500 call records and 320,000 paging codes.