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adius M1225 Mobile


Touch-Code Microphone
with back-lit 12-digit DTMF key pad. This microphone provides telephone interconnect capability and comes standard with seven foot cord.


Universal Hang-Up Clip
is an alternative when no suitable surface is available to mount the standard hang-up clip or when users need scanning capabilities at all times.


Power the mobile by plugging it into the Cigarette Lighter Adapter without having to hard wire it to the vehicle's battery.
Mounting Brackets make any vehicle radio equipable. Non-Locking Mounting Bracket provides adjustable, stable mounting angles and works either "on" or
"under" the dash.


Gooseneck Mounting Brackets
come in 5" or 8" heights. Each allows you to mount your radio on a horizontal or a vertical surface raising the radio to a more comfortable height. The Gooseneck kit includes a Right Angle Adapter which attaches the antenna connector and streamlines the wires. The Black Decor Sleeve wraps around the Gooseneck and wires.


In high crime areas or where portability is desired, the Quick Release Bracket lets the radio be removed simply and easily.



The External Speaker connects to the radio to increase audio output by an additional 7.5 Watts. Ideal for users in high noise environments.



The Magnetic Mount Antenna keeps you from having to drill holes to mount your antenna. When combined with Cigarette Lighter Adapter, it creates the mort easily installed and removed mobile radio ever.


Dispatching Accessories provide more effective capabilities to office personnel who need to communicate with field radio users. Control Station Accessories can convert the M1225 into a basic dispatcher communications tool. The include a Mobile Holder, Power Cable, a Power Supply, Desk Microphone and an Adapter Cable